The Studio Units plugin collection is a new and revolutionary framework for bespoke midi and audio processor design:

  • effortlessly combines instruments and effects in new and ingenious ways
  • seamlessly integrates with plugins from other manufacturers
  • converts between plugin parameters, midi controllers and audio signals
  • library of essential audio engineering tools and bizarre inventions

The Studio Units plugin collection is available as a set of VST 2.4 plugins for Windows (XP, Vista, 7).

There are 33 SU plugins, which are building blocks that can be used to create more sophisticated sound processors.

The SU library combines these plugins in the following effect patches:

  • analog equalizer provides a ten-octave equalizer modeled on analog electronic circuits;
  • delay equalizer is a feedback delay that offers panning, rectification, ping pong and filtering options;
  • low-pass filter is a filter with a smoothly variable cutoff frequency;
  • low-pass follower modulates filter cutoff frequency based on the envelope of the input signal;
  • mastering equalizer exhibits linear phase characteristics and extreme levels of inter-band separation;
  • mastering limiter provides a way of increasing perceived output levels in a neutral-sounding way;
  • multiband compressor applies vacuum-tube compression to the individual octaves of a signal;
  • tape compressor emulates the compression characteristics of analog tape recorders;
  • transient controller allows independent control over attack, decay and sustain components of audio signals;
  • tube follower modulates vacuum-tube saturation based on the input signal's envelope;
  • tube vocoder combines its left and right inputs as carrier and modulator, also utilizing vacuum-tube emulation.


The setup program, available for immediate download, installs the SU plugins, the SU library and the manual.

For more detailed information about the Studio Units plugin collection, please check out the products page.